Silicone Part Manufacturing

Silicone Rubber has a great many variations and can be compounded to meet any number of applications. Minor Rubber manufactures a variety of products in silicone, including grommets. Silicone can be compounded to have tensile in the area of 1500 PSI and tear up to 200 lbs.; low compression set and good resilience; moderate solvent resistance; excellent heat resistance; good release characteristics; extreme low temperature properties; and can be highly resistant to oxidation and ozone attack.

Silicone is generally attacked by most concentrated solvents, oils, concentrated acids and dilute sodium hydroxide.

Products we Offer:

Silicone Characteristics

  • Common Names: Silicone
  • ASTM D2000 Classification: FC, FE, GE
  • Military (MIL-STD 417): TA
  • Chemical Definition: Polysiloxane

General Characteristics

  • Durometer Range: 30 – 90
  • Tensile Range (P.S.I.): 200 – 1500
  • Elongation (Max. %): 700
  • Compression Set: Good
  • Resilience – Rebound: Good
  • Abrasion Resistance: Fair to Poor
  • Tear Resistance: Poor
  • Solvent Resistance: Poor
  • Oil Resistance: Fair to Poor
  • Low Temperature Usage: -60° to -150°
  • High Temperature Usage: up to 450°
  • Aging Weather – Sunlight: Excellent
  • Adhesion to Metals: Good

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