Assembling & Kitting Rubber Products & Parts

Light Assembly & Kitting Rubber Products & Parts

At Minor Rubber Company, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the manufacturing of rubber parts to encompass a comprehensive suite of services. We specialize in light assembly, kitting, and miscellaneous operations to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Below, we outline our capabilities and recent projects, showcasing the versatility and quality that define our service offerings.

Rubber Products Cutting Services

Precision Tailoring for Your Requirements

Our cutting capabilities encompass a range of services tailored to your specifications:

Cutting Extruded Lengths:

We excel in cutting extruded lengths to smaller, precise dimensions. This service ensures that our rubber parts, whether stocked or customer-supplied, meet your exact requirements.

Splitting Grommets:

Definition: Splitting grommets involves creating an opening along one side, allowing easy installation or retrofitting onto cables without disconnecting them.

Applications: Ideal for automotive wiring, electrical panels, computer desks, and scenarios where cables are already in place.

Advantages: Simplifies installation, facilitates maintenance, and allows modifications without disconnecting cables.

Notching/Hole/Cut Angles:

Our expertise extends to precise notching, hole punching, and angle cutting, ensuring the perfect fit for your applications.

Prototype Run:

For your prototyping needs, we offer runs that demonstrate our commitment to precision and quality.

Kitting Rubber Products & Parts Services

Streamlining Your Supply Chain

Multiple Components Assembled and Packed:

We provide kitting services tailored to your specifications, streamlining your supply chain and reducing assembly time.

Recent Projects:

  • Spliced Gasket:
    • Extruded the gasket profile.
    • Cut and spliced into an endless ring gasket.
    • Packed individually with a specified amount of silicone grease.
    • Sealed in a polybag with a custom barcode label.


  • Molded Rubber Bellows Assembly:
    • Molded the rubber bellows.
    • Procured a metal clamp and screw as per customer specifications.
    • Assembled and packed one set in a polybag.
    • Sealed with a custom barcode label.

Light Assembly Rubber Products & Parts Services

Meeting Complex Customer Needs

Medical Device Tubing Assembly

For a medical device manufacturer, we undertook a project involving two different types of tubing. These were precisely sized, with the smaller PVC tube inserted into a larger foam-style tube. The ends were trimmed to meet drawing specifications, and the parts were uniformly boxed and shipped.

Advanced ERP Capabilities for JIT Inventory Management

Our advanced ERP capabilities empower us to plan, source, and assemble with precision, ensuring that we meet complicated customer needs, especially for Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management.

At Minor Rubber Company, our commitment to quality, precision, and client satisfaction is evident in every service we provide. Contact us today to discover how our diverse capabilities can elevate your rubber manufacturing experience.