Modular & Standard Rod Bellows

When assemblies incorporate movement, outside influences such as dirt, debris, and impact forces can cause subpar performance or, worse, premature failure. Safeguard components and subassemblies from damage without impacting movement using modular bellows from Minor Rubber.

This bellow assembly is a modular system, which allows you to mount the protective bellows on any flange from .393 inches to 7.12 inches (10 mm to 118 mm) even in applications where the rod is non-circular.

Modular bellows are comprised of 3 essential components: bellows, end collars, and intermediate joints. With 5 base diameter sizes to choose from – X -Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large – the components are assembled to meet the desired length and hole design that fits each individual application.

Advantages of Modular Bellows

Modular bellows are cylindrical rubber devices that fit over rods, screws, shafts, and any other machined part or mechanical device, acting as a moveable housing capable of protecting against damage and contamination. As a result, component or device functionality and lifespan improve.  

The design of modular bellows is what makes them so important to assemblies with moving features. They’re composed of three simple-to-install elements: the bellows, end collar, and connector joint. The collars and joints are assembled with the bellows by simply interlocking the ends. 

Bellow segments ID and OD are important because that would influence the choice of the 5 available sizes, as you need to be mindful of whether this bellow will fit into the space you are putting it and cover the object you are trying to protect. Bellow length is achieved by joining 2 or more bellow segments together with Joints. The length possibilities are endless and rigidity over longer applications is maintained through optional support disks installed in the joint. End collars are provided with pilot holes to be modified at installation and are secured through the interlocking ends.

Modular Bellows suit specific applications or features and can benefit a range of applications. Examples include: 

Modular Bellows

  • Piston Rods 
  • Hydraulic Cylinders 
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Screws
  • Shafts
  • Pneumatic Arms 
  • Hydraulic Arms

Utilizing multiple connectors and bellow segments makes it easy to accommodate devices of any length without the need for expensive customized tooling.

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Your Modular Bellows Source 

Minor Rubber is a leading distributor of modular bellows for demanding applications. Whether you need a one-off prototype for validation and testing or full-scale production of an established design, we can meet your needs on time and within budget. 

With years of rubber molding experience and advanced equipment, we distribute modular bellows in any of our 5 sizing options mentioned previously, with the length being customizable – in that multiple below segments can be assembled to any length. Our area of expertise is distributing modular bellows using your print, specification, or purchase order requirements.

As a one-stop-shop, we can work with you to develop a concept and make a prototype. When you’re ready, full-scale production begins. Modular bellows are perfect for use in applications across many industries:

Materials We Use

The success of a product often hinges upon the materials from which it’s made. Minor Rubber stocks modular bellows in the three high-performance rubber materials listed below:

Nitrile and EDPM offer superior resistance to harsh weather conditions. Nitrile rubber offers excellent oil resistance, whereas EPDM has a lower resistance to oil. Silicone exhibits excellent resistance to inclement weather and stands up to hot and cold environments. A food-safe material, silicone is perfect for food and beverage applications.

 Installation of Modular Bellows:

  • A hole of the required size and shape is drilled into the collars to fit them on the machinery.
  • The collars are made of the same elastic rubber as the bellow. Therefore, the entire diameter must be smaller than the diameter on which they will be installed (fitted).
  • We recommend applying a hole 5% smaller than the diameter on which they will be fitted.
  • Then, another hole must be drilled to allow for the passage of air.
  • The axial movement causes a variation in the internal volume.
  • Therefore, this hole is important because the air must enter and exit the bellow during the movement cycles. Slow cycles (exceeding 5 seconds) require one air passage hole, while faster cycles require two or more holes.

 Installation Process:

  • A filter allows the bellow to retain clean air and leave dust and solid contaminants, whose dimensions are larger than the filter’s mesh, outside.
  • For vertical or inclined installations (outdoor applications), the application of the filter to the lower flange protects the rod against liquids and rain and allows the condensation (if any) inside the system to drain.

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