Latex Dip Molding & Neoprene Dipped Capabilities

What is Latex Dip Molding?

Minor Rubber offers latex dip molding for bellows and boots, as well as neoprene dipped capabilities. These are produced by dipping mandrels in a liquid polymer. The mandrels are then placed in a curing oven. Upon curing the parts are then stripped from the mandrels and are hand trimmed.

Minor Rubber produces dipped bellows with three wall thicknesses: .020/.040 inches thick (Single Dip), .040/.070 inches thick (Double Dip), and .070/.100 inches thick (Triple Dip). We utilize two materials: Tan or Black Natural Latex in a 45+/-5 Shore A Durometer, and a Black Chloroprene Latex in a 50+/-5 Shore A Durometer. The Black

Neoprene Latex is the most common material, due to its weather, and light oil resistance. Natural Latex is most commonly used for animal husbandry applications. This method of manufacturing is normally used to produce orders that require a few parts to quantities up to 500 pieces.

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What are the Specs of Latex Dip Molding?

  • Dipped Molded parts require liberal tolerances and are not subject to ARPM Standards. Dimensions are for reference only.
  • Parts may have closed ends, cuff ends, flange ends, or a combination of any of these ends.
  • Parts with cuff ends, should be dimensioned slightly under the size of the mating part. This will result in a snap fit. The cuff in most instances should be held in place utilizing a hose clamp.
  • Part sizes range from 18”  - 24”

What are the Advantages of Latex Dip Molding?

  • Quick lead time
  • Great for prototyping
  • Relatively inexpensive tooling
  • Production runs starting with 1 piece.
  • Parts are seamless and have a uniform wall thickness.


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