Grommet Inserters

Grommet InsertersHigh-speed, low-cost grommet inserters

Speed & simplify production with Minor Rubber's grommet inserters, which are 50% faster than old hand methods.

Minor Rubber's new tool inserts rubber insulation grommets more quickly, easily, and accurately than ever before. They eliminate the old method of forcing grommets in by hand. Our new device does it automatically: just slip the grommet inserter through the hole, place grommet in the jaws, and pull back and the grommet is inserted into the perfect position. Avoid wasted motion and sore fingers and fingernails. 

Tailor-made in sizes to fit your exact needs

The new inserter is precision-engineered, durably constructed with steel jaws, and shank for long-lasting, dependable service. Hardwood handle assures secure, comfortable grip. This new low-cost tool cuts costs and speeds production more than 50%, offering significant savings in cost and labor.

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Grommet Inserter

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