Rubber Parts for Chemical Industry

Rubber Parts for Chemical Processing IndustrySafety is vital in every industry, but the need to safeguard workers and surrounding communities from sensitive, hazardous or unstable process media exposure is essential for chemical processing applications. Improve reliability and service intervals with premium rubber solutions from Minor Rubber.

We are a trusted molded, extruded, and fabricated rubber parts manufacturer for chemical processing industry and its suppliers. Whether you need production of existing components, prototypes for research and development or replacement items for hard-to-find or obsolete applications, we have the capabilities and expertise to supply quality rubber parts on time and within budget.

Chemical processing applications and parts

Chemical processing applications use pumps, valves, reactors, tanks, flange joints and metering devices to transport, gauge and control process media. Many of them operate at extreme temperatures and make contact with corrosive chemicals and harsh acids or bases.

Minor Rubber provides custom rubber parts for chemical applications specially designed to excel in a variety of chemical processing operating conditions. Combining a vast range of high-quality materials with decades of knowledge and expertise, our expert team can help you extend equipment lifespan, improve product output and reduce downtime by strengthening sealing capabilities at your facility.

With an extensive inventory of stock rubber parts, expedited delivery is available. We also offer turnkey Original Equipment Manufacture services and can private label products for fabrication kits or retail sale.

Common chemical processing items we manufacture include:

Tailor-made solutions

Standard rubber products aren’t always best suited for chemical processing applications, which regularly carry sensitive, hazardous or unstable process media. Underperforming parts can fail over time due to temperature, fading, tearing, abrasions, chemicals or other factors.

Minor Rubber can custom fabricate high-performance rubber solutions that offer better reliability, increased service life, lower ownership costs and improved operating margins. Our method involves:

  • Consulting with your team to gain full understanding of the product and its intended uses
  • Identifying the rubber compound best suited for the product’s particular needs
  • Pinpointing adhesives that create the strongest bond when rubber is joined to metals or other materials

Minor Rubber can handle complex designs and extensive customer requirements. In-house tooling capabilities enable us to manufacture accurate tooling quickly and economically for precision production of your custom part. Our custom rubber fabrication services include the following processes:

Material type matters

Understanding the chemicals that come into contact with components in your application is extremely important, because rubber degrades rapidly when not compatible with the environment or media. With a wide range of rubber materials and extensive chemical compatibility knowledge, our engineers can help determine the best rubber solution for your process.

To learn more about rubber product chemical compatibility and resistance, view our compatibility guide.

Excellent processes, better quality

Founded in 1914, Minor Rubber understands the chemical processing industry is constantly innovating. We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

By combining innovative technologies with knowledgeable engineering, skilled craftsmen and superior customer service, Minor Rubber can deliver exceptional chemical processing rubber solutions.

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