Rubber Products & Parts Packing Services

Rubber Products & Parts Packing Services

No matter what kind of products you offer, you want manufacturing solutions that deliver both high quality and cost savings. Naturally, you expect the same from your product packaging. As a leading manufacturer of rubber products, Minor Rubber Co. offers both, with value-added packaging that includes component packaging, kitting services, and custom bagging solutions.

Custom Rubber Product Packing Services

What is included in custom rubber product packing services?

At Minor Rubber, we provide assembly fulfillment to complement our manufacturing. Whether you choose from our existing inventory or custom-manufactured items, our packaging services can boost your efficiency, facilitate timely deliveries, and improve cost savings.

What occurs in the packaging process of rubber products?

Our production facilities can handle all aspects of the packaging process:

  • Sorting/Assembly: Whether alone or with our kitting service, we sort individual items and assemble them to your specifications.
  • Counting: Our capabilities include automated high-speed counting as well as counting by hand, and can count by quantity or by weight.
  • Bagging/Boxing: Our packaging comes in an extensive range of sizes to meet your needs.
  • Kitting: We can combine components and products into kits — individual packages ready for shipment and sale.
  • Private Labeling: Our labeling services include custom logos, text, and barcoding.

Our in-house packaging & kitting services along with our prefabricated and custom products are available at a minimal cost. We package individual quantities as well as sets of five, 10, and 50.

Why Choose Minor Rubber Co. for Rubber Product Packing Services?

Since 1914, Minor Rubber Co. has served the industrial market with prefabricated and custom rubber parts. With our component packaging options, we can be your start-to-finish product solution. Contact us to request a quote or get more information about packaging services.