Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

When it comes to customized rubber manufacturing, we know that each client has different needs and expectations. That’s why Minor Rubber is prepared to handle the most demanding, complex molding projects for our customers. We have the capabilities to produce compression, transfer and injection molding, in a variety of different capacities.

We can create custom molded parts for a large range of materials including buna, silicon, polyurethane, and neoprene, and can use a variety of colors to meet the needs of your application. We know the importance of customization, so we’ll work with you to match the compounds you received from suppliers, to particular pantones.

Compression Molding is applied by inserting uncured rubber inside the cavities of an open mold, which is then closed and placed into a hydraulic molding press. As a result, the uncured rubber forms into the shape of each cavity. Compression molding is great for large parts, and results in inexpensive tooling and less compound waste.

Transfer Molding uses methods similar to injection molding, but is used for applications with higher production quantities. With transfer molding, the uncured rubber is placed in a “pot/ram” combination that is built in the top of the mold. The closure of the molding press forces the uncured rubber through small holes and into the cavity. Transfer molding helps to reduce compound preparation and tool loading, reduces product finishing time, and has a shorter production cycle.

Injection Molding is a process where the mold is closed and locked into place. The uncured rubber is pre-heated in an injection chamber, which plasticizes it, allowing it to flow nicely into the cavities. Injection press capabilities range from 24” x 24” up to 48” x 72”, with tonnage of 100 to 500 tons. Injection molding has the shortest production cycles out of the other molding methods, and has a higher production rate.

We can create finished products by working off of dimension drawings, and turning them into finished products. For more information on how you can incorporate Minor Rubber’s custom rubber manufacturing into your applications, please call us at (800)-433-6886.

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