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Our vast assortment of Grommet Styles provides you with choices to fit just about any application. We have one of the most extensive Grommet inventories available, and many of the items are available in more than one material, or durometer hardness. If you cannot find a size or style in our on-line catalog that fits your needs, we will gladly provide you with a quotation on a custom part that will.
The most common materials utilized in producing our rubber grommets are commercial grades of SBR or Nitrile, however, they can also be produced in various other commercial materials, such as Silicone, Neoprene1 and EPDM. In addition, all of the above materials can be provided as specification grades such as, but not limited to, NASM 3036 (formerly MIL-G-3036), A-A-59588 (formerly ZZ-R-765), MIL-R-6855 and ASTM-D-2000. For additional information regarding available materials, their application, tolerances, colors, etc., click on the link to our Resource Page located on this, as well as all other pages of our site.

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1 Neoprene® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers # Neoprene® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers for their brand of Chloroprene Elastomer; Minor Rubber reserves the right to provide a chloroprene material of another manufacturer in lieu of Neoprene®.

Rubber Grommets

  • Military Standard MS35489
  • Insulation Grommets
  • Vibration Mount Grommets
  • Mounting Hole Grommets
  • Oval Grommets

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Bumpers Tips & Appliance

  • Recess Style
  • Tack Style
  • Grommet Style
  • Stem Style
  • Wood Screw Style

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Extruded Rubber Shapes

  • Angle Extrusions
  • Refrigerator Door Seals
  • Special Extruded Tubing/Seals
  • U-Channels
  • Solid Strip/Cord

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Vibration Isolation Mounts

  • Round Double Stud
  • Conical Double Stud
  • Round Single Stud
  • Conical Single Stud
  • Round Male and Female

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